If there is an emergency, call TUPD immediately.


Call 617-627-6911


Call 617-636-6911

For a fire on one of our Boston Campuses call 911

Other Ways to Get Help

blue light emergency telephone on the Tufts University campus

Blue Light Telephones

These phones have a bright blue light above them and are located near the entrance to most residence halls and other well-traveled pedestrian areas. In an emergency press the red button to automatically dial the emergency line.

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image of a duress button that will remain depressed when pushed, image of a duress button that will not remain depressed when pushed, and an image of a duress button that must be deactivated with a key

Duress buttons

Duress buttons can be identified by both a red and a blue label. Duress buttons are also installed in some administrative locations on campus. Activate a duress button to elicit an immediate, emergent response from the University Police.

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Fire box showing finger pressing on the box

Fire Pull Stations

Activating a fire pull-station will trigger the evacuation of the building and will send a signal to the University Police Communications Center, eliciting a police and fire department response. If you discover smoke or a fire in a building, sound the alarm immediately by pulling any red FIRE pull-station (located near all exits).

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