Duress Buttons

Duress buttons can be found inside the entrances to most residence halls and can be identified by both a red and a blue label. Duress buttons are also installed in some administrative locations on campus. You should familiarize yourself with the location of all duress buttons at your residence hall and anywhere you may work. Activate a duress button to elicit an immediate, emergent response from the University Police.

There are currently three types of duress buttons in use at Tufts University. Most panic buttons send a silent alarm, though some duress buttons will activate a loud siren or bell. Pictured from left to right:

  1. The newest type of duress button requires that you press the center button. Once activated the button will remain depressed until reset with a key.
  2. Press the red button to trigger the alarm. The button will not remain depressed.
  3. Push up from the bottom. The duress button will remain activated until reset with a key.

A telephone call is always preferable to a panic button, as it allows the dispatcher to determine the nature of the emergency. However, duress buttons are available and should be used if it is not safe, practical, or possible to use a telephone.

image of a duress button that will remain depressed when pushed, image of a duress button that will not remain depressed when pushed, and an image of a duress button that must be deactivated with a key