TUPD vehicle with blue lights on

SafeRide Program Updates

  • SafeRides During Winter Break
    • SafeRides are only available to students living on campus during Winter Break. If you are not residing on Tufts’ campus during the break, you are not eligible for SafeRides.
    • Tufts regular shuttle service will be suspended between December 23rd and January 13th. SafeRide is not a replacement for shuttle services. Please plan your own transportation during this period.
    • The Tufts Grocery Shuttle will continue to operate during Winter Break. SafeRide should not be used for trips to/from the grocery store.
  • Improper SafeRide Usage
    • SafeRide is only for use when unforeseen circumstances put students in an unsafe situation. All students are expected to coordinate and plan their own travel – SafeRide is not a replacement for travel planning. Weather is not an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Medical Issues
    • SafeRide is not intended for use in the event of an emergency medical situation. Students with an emergency medical issue should call the TUPD emergency line at 617-627-6911 or dial 911.