Campus Engagement

TUPD offers a series of programs to engage with the Tufts Campus Community and build lasting relationships with various and groups and departments across all four schools.

These programs are offered multiple times throughout the regular school year and can be personalized depending of the needs of the partnership to provide a friendly and enriching environment.

More information regarding our campus programs is listed below.

Coffee with TUPD


“Coffee with TUPD” is inspired by a nationally recognized program designed to break barriers between the police and members of the community. Through an open forum over a cup of coffee, police officers and the community members they serve can come together to discuss issues and learn more about each other. Members of the community can ask questions, raise concerns, or just say hello and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.

During the year, TUPD will set up “Coffee with TUPD” events at select times, dates, and locations. TUPD will also be available to coordinate “Coffee with TUPD” events with university departments and student groups upon request. You extend the invite, we’ll bring the coffee.

To schedule a “Coffee with TUPD,” event, contact Officer Colon / Community Policing Coordinator 617-627-2601.

Comfort Dog

A black lab

A vital member of the TUPD team is Pepper, a professionally trained comfort dog. Pepper and her handler, Officer Rob Moschella serve as both community liaisons and mental health resources for community members who have experienced trauma. 

To learn more about Pepper and her role at Tufts, an FAQ is available to read

Working Group on TUPD Arming

In 2022, the Tufts Department of Public Safety underwent a year-long examination of its practices and policies. Two research groups were established to review the presence of public safety across all four campuses and a final report was published with the findings. This report and other review process documentation are below.

Cultural Center Liaison Program

In addition to the ResCop Program, the Tufts University Department of Public Safety and the Office of the Dean of Students offer partnerships through our Cultural Center Liaison Program. Under the same philosophy as the ResCop Program, liaisons serve the residents and the communities that each Cultural Center represents. A Tufts Police Officer has been assigned as a liaison to each of the following Cultural Centers:

The purpose of the Cultural Center Liaison Program is to:

  • Participate in the development of educational programming and communication about safety issues specific to individual cultural communities and residential facilities,
  • Develop relationships that will encourage dialogue to address community issues and concerns,
  • Building partnerships with community members to work together in difficult or emergency situations,
  • To provide safety and security awareness programs for the communities.