Active Shooter Awareness

This video guides people through the actions they would need to take if confronted by an active shooter. The video depicts fictional events on a college campus. Some content may be disturbing. It is intended as a learning tool.

English closed captions are available.

The active shooter video is the product of a collaboration between ten Boston-area institutions of higher education and The Boston Consortium for Higher Education. Special thanks to Yale University for allowing the use of their script and creative inspiration for the video.

Written guidance for Active Shooter and other hazards is available in the Emergency Response Guide in print, online, and in the Tufts Mobile app for iOS and Android.

In addition to this video and the guide, in-person Civilian Response to Active Shooter Training taught by members of the Tufts University Police Department is available to departments, groups, and organizations affiliated with the University upon request. Schedule active shooter training with the Sgt. Thomas Burdulis by calling 617-627-3030 or by email.